مايكروسوفت Teams يوفر ميزة ووكي توكي Walkie Talkie لجميع المستخدمين

Microsoft Teams provides a Walkie Talkie feature for all users

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Microsoft has provided the Walkie Talkie feature for all users of its Microsoft Teams application for communication, chatting and meetings, a feature that allows Microsoft Teams users, whether through smartphones or tablets with Android or iOS, to turn their devices into a wireless communication device via the Internet, whether when connected to networks Mobile phones or through Wi-Fi, a feature that the company announced about two years ago and made available for preview to some users before it was officially launched this week to all users.

And Microsoft had introduced the Walkie Talkie feature in Microsoft Teams to help front-line workers and employees who manage daily operations within companies, so that the feature can be relied upon to communicate with a group of employees or workers in a warehouse, for example, to issue an appeal, warning, or others.

The latest version of the Microsoft Teams application is available for download now for users of iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) through the Apple App Store , and the application is also available for Android users to download for free through the Google Play Store .

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