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Anker unveils the company's first 3D printer

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Anker announced its first 3D printer entitled “AnkerMake M5,” which is launching a campaign on Kickstarter at a price of $429, with the cost of the printer in retail outlets later reaching $759.

Anker is starting to compete in the 3D printer market with its first release, the AnkerMake M5 unveiled today, which addresses some common issues with 3D printers.

Anker unveils the company's first 3D printer

The AnkerMake M5 printer brings a number of features, including a webcam that will allow the user to monitor the 3D printer remotely, and then record time-lapse video clips through which the user reviews the innovative designs of the printer.

The printer also supports an automatic shutdown feature if the printer detects design errors or a mess of melted plastic.

Anker unveils the company's first 3D printer

Anker emphasizes that the main marketing advantage of the AnkerMake M5 printer is the ability to print 3D efficiently and 5 times faster than competing versions.

The company also explains that by removing the two sections of the printer and connecting them with eight screws, and then connecting the USB-C cable and power adapter, the printer speed reaches 250 mm/s, which is the default setting for the printer.

Anker unveils the company's first 3D printer

Anker also points out that the Y-axis plate is based on a high-subdivision motor with two belts, and the mechanism for raising and lowering the plate is based on two lead screws that support more stability during the printing process.

On the other hand, the printer comes with a surface with a textured design and supports removal, similar to the design of “Creality” printers. The AnkerMake M5 printer also features an aluminum alloy base to better support the stability of the printer. The printer also comes with an algorithm that works to synchronize printing with the workflow.

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